Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sci fi on BBC 7 - Space Hacks

Space Hacks
The Last Postman: Sci-fi comedy starring Dan Mersh, Tim Key, Prunella Scales and Dan Tetsell. Episode 3 of 4.

is the latest Space Hacks - I seem to have missied episode 2, unfortunately. Well - in one way only. I didn't particularly care for the first ep, but for completeness sake I would have liked to have heard the second ep!

Also on Sunday (and thus running for 6 more days)

The Laxian Key
The mysterious deaths of space tourists on Planet Party gives planet decontaminators Arnold and Gregor a unique job opportunity. Episode 1 of 4.

Fantastic Tales
Hell Screen: A chilling horror set in medieval Japan. A powerful Lord clashes with an arrogant painter leading to tragedy.

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