Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pat Summitt video/ Astronaut Farmer

First...for those who have arrived here in search of a video of Pat Summitt singing Rocky Top during the media time out of the men's game yesterday, go to this page:

Pat Summitt and the Tennessee Lady Vols

where you can see the complete video (from Youtube) and read about Summitt and her teams.

Now, for Astronaut Farmer - this is just a brief entry as I have much to say about this movie but I've got something else to do first...

I didn't care for it. Sure there was some good imagery, some good messages...but also some bad messages. This is the type of movie you could make 20 years ago when we all thought the world was sane and Andy Griffith could build a rocket to take him into outerspace to collect space junk (at least he had a purpose and would be able to sell that space junk for a profit). Today there's no way a man could build a rocket and launch it in his backyard....twice. And for what - to go around the earth accomplishing nothing except 'being there.'

Anyway, more later.

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