Sunday, March 14, 2010

This week on BBC Radio 7


(All shows can be listened to at any time (after their day has come), for the next seven days.)

The Voice of God
Fields of Thunder
1/5. Earthquakes rock Australia. Seismologist Sam investigates and uncovers a nightmare.

I am Legend
Episode 6
6/9. Crushed by the dog's death, Earth's last living man's vampire quest continues.


The Voice of God
Silent Roar
2/5. The enigmatic Colonel Walker persuades Sam and Joshua to help him in his deadly project.

I am Legend
Episode 7
7/9. Earth's last living man Robert Neville's shock discovery makes him feel deeply suspicious.

The Ape That Got Lucky
Science and Progress
3/4. Chris Addison's spoof lectures exploring human evolution. From August 2005.


The Voice of God
Dreamtime is Over
3/5. What is being built out in the desert? And what havoc will it wreak? With Clare Corbett.

I am Legend
Episode 8
8/9. Worried that Ruth has the vampire plague, Robert Neville regrets being so candid.


The Voice of God
4/5. In Simon Bovey's thriller, will the person responsible for Belinda's death be revealed?

I am Legend
Episode 9
9/9. With the new society on the attack, Robert Neville refuses to leave his house.


The Voice of God
Can You Hear That
5/5. The Colonel plans to fire the sonic weapon and risk a global catastrophe. 18:30–

Three intrepid divers plunge into the world's last unexplored Antarctic lake.


Terry Pratchett's Nation
Episode 8
8/8. It looks like decision time for Daphne. Read by Matt Addis and Charlie Norfolk.

Episode 3
3/5. The Morel fungus is helping Gren and Poyly survive without their tribe.


Isaac Asimov's Jokester
Vast computer Multivac runs global affairs, but can it explain man's sense of humour?

The Man in Black
Series 1, Bombers' Moon
5/5. A horrifying tale of something evil stalking four stranded soldiers in Afghanistan.

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