Saturday, March 06, 2010

Supercar: Rescue pt 1

The lyrics of the Supercar themesong:
Supercar, Supercar
With beauty and grace
As swift as can be
Watch it flying through the air
It travels in space, or under the sea
And it can journey anywhere
Supercar, Supercar
It travels on land, or roams the skies
Through the heaven's stormy rage
It's Mercury manned, and everyone flies (?)
It's the marvel of the age
Supercar, Supercar

Pilot Bill Gibson, younger brother Jimmy Gibson, and pet chimpanzee Mitch float in a raft, waiting to be rescued. But the weather deteriorates badly.

Meantime, Professor Rudolph Popkiss, Professor Beaker, and Mike Mercury, test their invention 5 years in the making, Supercar.

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