Monday, March 08, 2010

Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver

Although this episode was the third one shown, it was the first episode filmed (after The Cage).

Kirk calls Bones, Doctor, and he and Bones get into a verbal quibble over the fitness of Ensign Bailey.

Mr. Spock tells Mr. Bailey there's no need to raise his voice, but when he is reporting on the radiation from Balok's warning buoy, and even later on in the episode, he let's his voice raise a bit, too!

Mr. Sulu does his countdown thing.

We get to see William Shatner shirtless. He was in such good shape back then...

Kirk calls the Enterprise the United Earth Starship Enterprise. (No Federation?)

"Not chess, Mr. Spock." Wait for it... wait for it.... "Poker!" Shatner waits so long to deliver that final word! (Check it out at my ringtones page!)

It was a lot of fun. Although Star Trek is my favorite Star Trek series (indeed, the only one I like) I haven't watched any episodes (except Whom Gods Destroy) in several years. So it was fun to become reaquainted with the characters and see that this was an early event...not only in the TV series but in the Star Trek universe itself.

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