Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Definitely visit the virtual Science Fiction museum

Now t his is what I'm talking about!


A Tribute to Horace L. Gold, Founding Editor of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, Beyond Fantasy Magazine and editor of If SF Magazine. Galaxy Magazine under Horace's editorship also contributed some stories to the NBC radio show, X-Minus-One during the mid-1950's.

As Editor of Galaxy Magazine, he was counted among the "Big Three" of the Silver Age -- Campbell, Boucher & Gold.

He was noted for fair pay for authors, initiating the 5 and 6 cents a word rates when everyone else was paying anywhere from 1/2 cent to 2 cents.

Gold championed "On Acceptance" rather than "On Publication" payments to authors and was known for introducing new writers. Galaxy ran several big-money contests to attract new writers to the field.

Gold opted for Galaxy's Award-Winning L-Shaped Covers, was daring enough to hire pioneering illustrators such as Ed Emshwiller and others, and its high-quality printing on low-acid pulp with expensive but gorgeous high-gloss Kromekote covers.

In particular, check out their reading room.

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