Saturday, March 06, 2010

This Is The Voice of the Mysterons Ringtone

Note: All ringtones now gathered together on a single webpage Science Fiction Ringtones from The Thunder Child

To download, just "right click" on the link and save to your hard drive. (Normal click to hear it.) Any problems, email me.

I just creasted this Voice of the Mysterons ring tone (actually all it is, is an MP3 file, but supposedly this is all you need?) for any Captain Scarlet fans out there.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Download Voice of the Mysterons MP3 file.
Voice plus a bit of music

Calling Stingray Crew
Stingray music
Anything Can happen in tbe next half hour

The Avengers
Download Avengers theme short
Download Avengers drum intro
Download Avengers theme long
The Joker: The Wires Have Been Cut

Star Trek: Whom Gods Destroy
Kirk as Garth throws a tantrum
Gentlemen. Courtesy for the performer
Queen to Queen's Level Three, Captain Kirk
By the way, I assume you play chess
Queen's Level Three with music

Star Trek
Space, the final frontier...
Opening Star Trek theme

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