Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Science Fiction on Radio Spirit's Website

Radio Spirits has a show called When Radio Was. It used to be hosted by humorist Stan Freberg. Freberg was replaced a couple of years ago by Greg Bell - they never said why but I assume it was ill-health, since he is very old.

You can listen to the program at their website.

Tuesday 3-16
after Philip Marlowe comes

Blackstone the Magic Detective
The Riddle of the Red Rose
Original Air Date - 3/6/1949

Wednesday 3-17
The Hall of Fantasy
The Night The Fog Came
Original Air Date - 3/23/1953
Chandu the Magician
Looking for Dorothy
Original Air Date - 10/28/1948

Sunday 3-21
Arch Oboler's Plays
The Ugliest Man in the World
Original Air Date - 3/25/1939

Tuesday 3-23
Lights Out

Money, Money, Money
Original Air Date - 3/30/1943
The Origin of Superstition
Break Mirror - Bad Luck

Wednesday 3-24
The Clock

Past or Present
Original Air Date - 3/30/1947
Chandu the Magician
Finding Dorothy's Hat
Original Air Date - 10/29/1948

Saturday 3-27
The Shadow

The White Legion
Original Air Date - 3/20/1938

Tuesday 3-30
after Tales of the Texas Rangers

Blackstone the Magic Detective
The Hand of Cagliostro
Original Air Date - 2/20/1949

Wednesday 3-31
After Escape - "A Shipment of Mute Fate"

Chandu the Magician
Nicholas Has Disappeared
Original Air Date - 11/1/1948

Blackstone the Magic Detective
The Reluctant Saw
Original Air Date - 10/10/1948

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