Thursday, March 06, 2008

Williamsburg Film Festival: Thursday

Today was the first day of the Williamsburg Film Festival. I'll be writing a complete article about the entire festival, so Ill just share a few things here.

I showed up at 11 am for the first autograph session. Everyone was quite pleasant, chatting with their fans, etc., but the one who stood out most of all was Gregory Walcott - talking to each fan individually and asking questions, like "where are you from", rather than just waiting for the fan to ask a question or what have you. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

Second was Richard Devon - professional bad guy on the screen, but obviously a very sweet guy in real life.

He introduced his Daniel Boone episode "The Plague That Came to Ford's Run." I came back a bit late to hear his end-of-show Q & A, but he shared a few anecdotes on Steve McQueen of Trackdown aka Josh Randall - Bounty Hunter).

At 2 pm was The 4D Man. I was expecting Lee Meriwether to introduce the movie, but she was unavailable. I was only able to watch about 45 minutes, and missed her Q&A, because at 3 pm was the guest panel of Richard Herd and Roger Davis.

That was great - and I'll be sharing that in full in my article.

At 5.30, the Solar Guard began its shows in its room. First they showed a few trailers, then was an episode of Science Fiction Theater, "The Negative Man" starring Dane Clark and Beverly Garland, and then the Amazon Women of the Moon segment of the Amazon Women of the Moon moive, with Steve Forrest, [and oh my goodness, I didn't know Steve Forrest was the brother of Dana Andrews!]

At 7 o'clock was the star panel of Gregory Walcott and Don Kay Reynolds (Little Beaver as an actor, also a horse trainer.)


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