Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs...marching off to space

I have several blogs, but for various and sundry reasons, I've let several of them slide, some for several months, and I'm rededicating myself to updating them on a regular basis.

I'll mention a few today, and a few tomorrow, so as not to overwelm anyone!

A new blog is The Patrick Barlow Experience
I've recently become a fan of this actor, author and comedian. He doesn't do science fiction, but I'll share the blog here nevertheless.

This is going to be a finite blog, a blog that will just have pages for his radio work, tv work, movie work, books, and photos. Basically how I'd do his website if I had time to do a website for him.
Another new blog, in fact this one is brand-new, replacing my Lacemaking Through the Ages. Basically a blog that will chronicle the rise of technology...the shortcuts, the blind alleys, the this-es and the that-s!

I'm also rededicating myself to updating my Space News and Marine News blogs on a daily basis.

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