Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Oneira returns, Perelandra continues

All this week, Oneira is being run, to get people in the mood for a sequel, which I believe starts next week. Below are eps from Mon - Wed of this week. (Fathrland also continues, but the description of each ep is always the same, so I won't bother to put it here.)

The Big Chill: Museum guard Oneira meets a 400 year old Dutchman who invites her on a quest to discover the secrets of the universe.

I've got this recorded and will be reviewing it in due course.

Perelandra started last week, but I haven't listened to it for a while. Anyway, part 4 is on Monday:

Ransom wakes on his island to see a human form, a woman, facing him from a neighbouring island. Episode 4 of 18.

On Tuesday:


Sleight of Mind: Oneira is interrogated by a man from the Electrical Company - but is he trying to help her, or is he an alien? Episode 2 of 5. [Rptd Wed 12.00am].

Ransom swims to the other shore and discovers that the Green Lady is none other than Perelandra herself. Episode 5 of 18.


A String of Time: Oneira ends up in the Texan Desert with a dead American comic and a 13th-century Friar. Episode 3 of 5. [Rptd Thu 12.00am].


The Green Lady tells Ransom of Maleldil's decree; she cannot stay the night on the mountainous island known as the fixed land. Episode 6 of 18.

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