Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Simon Bovey's new SF thriller at BBC Radio 7

Simon Bovey is the scriptwriter for previous SF thrillers Cold Blood (Antarctic setting) and The Voice of God (Australia setting), (that'd be radio drama - the best kind!) and I interviewed him for the Thunder Child at Simon Bovey.

Now he's got a new radio series about to be broadcasts at BBC 7 from March 24-28, 2008: Slipstream

1945, the Allies’ victory is a forgone conclusion and everyone is fighting for a piece of the spoils. And then the UFOs are sighted.

On BBC7 - available on DAB or Freeview, Satellite or online.
Form Monday 24th March to Friday 28th.
6pm and repeated at Midnight.

Starring Rory Kinnear and Tim McMullan
Directed by Marc Beeby

Description of Cold Blood:
Cold Blood by Simon Bovey is a five-part sci-fi techno thriller. It was first broadcast on BBC7 in January 2005.

It is 2015 and an Antarctic research station is settling down for another winter - but this will be a winter like no other.

Episode 1 -- Freezerville
Nathaniel Taft is cast into the front line at the Antarctic base in Ellsworth. To survive the horror he must kill a friend.

Episode 2 -- Cold Heart
Taft confronts Bowers and puts him under house arrest, and they discover that their radio equipment has been sabotaged.

Episode 3 -- The Changing Man
Deb makes a frightening discovery in Bowers' journals.

Episode 4 -- Sanctuary No More
Revenge and madness stalk the corridors of Ellsworth base. Taft directs everyone to the garage to defend themselves against Bowers, and orders them to shoot him on sight.

Episode 5 - The Antarctican
The final battle -- and a strange new beginning. Anaya and Taft fight for their lives as Bowers stalks them across the Antarctic, can they stop him?

Description of The Voice of God
Fields Of Thunder --
A series of quakes rocks Australia. When Sam Rideout investigates, she stumbles into a nightmare of biblical proportions.

Silent Roar --
The enigmatic Colonel Walker persuades Sam and Joshua to help him in his deadly project.

Dreamtime Is Over --
Hoping to stop the quakes Sam and Joshua design a new cradle for the weapon. But their chances of success are being undermined.

Blowback --
Southern Australia has been devastated by an earthquake, and now Sam and Joshua have discovered that there is a spy on the base.

Can You Hear That? --
Walker plans to fire the Voice at Pine Gap, risking a global catastrophe. And Sam, Joshua and Nick are locked in the brig.

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