Friday, March 07, 2008

Williamsburg Film Festival: Friday

Today was a busy day at the Williamsburg Film Festival.

Again, I'll be covering everything fully in my article about the festival, soon to come, so today I'll just mention things briefly.

I will start out, however, by saying that it rained ALL DAY today, which was extremely annoying, as I'd hoped to grab some free time in order to wander around Williamsburg and take pics of the various buildings... it's also supposed to rain tomorrow...


Friday happenings:
The afternoon panel featured actress Jacqueline Scott and her playwright husband, Gene Lesser.

Among many topics touched on was her time as Roddy McDowall's significant other in the television series version of Planet of the Apes. She commented on how the visitors to the sets would treat the ape actors (while in costume of course) almost like animals, pulling and tugging at them to get their photographs, and said she'd never been able to go to a zoo since, as she knew how the animals there must feel.

The 7 pm session was with Lee Meriwether and her daughter, stunt woman Lesley Aletter.

Meriwether described how she earned the part of Catwoman for the Catwoman movie by walking into the casting room, curling up inthe chair like a cat and licking her hand like a cat and so on.

Much more was discussed in each session, of course, and I'll cover it in my article.

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