Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why do people resent getting advice?

That loss mitigation company I used to work for had a thread at one of those "acam watch" sites, and I would post there occasionally. I didn't "tell my story" - that I'd used to work for the company, knew it was a scam, and quit, I didn't think I'd need to.

So someone on this thread posts the home address of the boss. I respond by saying they shouldn't do that, they could get sued. (Because, you know, they could.)

But instead of saying "Thanks for the advice," it's "Who the hell are you to tell us what to do."

So a few days ago, the business closed its doors, and I dared to say, "I'm glad, I hope the guy goes to jail."

Then, I get a private email from an ex-employee of the company, who very rudely tells me to stop posting. Apparently still upset over that previous incident. Well, if someone orders me to do something in such a rude fashion, obviously I'm not going to do it.

But I've really got nothing to add to what I've already said in my "farewell post", so what can I say? Well, I see a Wall Street Journal article pointing out that bloggers, and forum posters are getting sued for "invasion of privacy" and "defamation of character," and someone had reposted my ex-bosses address just a few days ago (and also made terroristic threats against him) so I advise people to tone down the rhetoric, and I share the link to the article so they know I'm not being a busybody, I've got actual solid proof that people are being sued and *losing* for doing what they're doing!

And everyone just got so upset, accusing me of acting like a "mother" and "telling people what to do" and I just don't understand that reaction. I'm trying to save people from losing what little money they have left in a law suit, and I'm getting dumped on!

Apparently the anger is because I've never told them my connection to this company, and apparently if you've never been scammed by this company, you don't have the right to give some common sense advice.

And I'm like, gee.

These people remind me so much of my former boss. As I posted yesterday, I gave him some much needed advice that, had he heeded it, might have gone a little way towards preventing the debacle that his company became. And instead of considering it on its merits, he dismissed it. (As I know because that was the standard line he sent to *everyone* who complained and wanted their money back, and I was cc-ed on those emails!)

I just don't understand it. It's not like I plop myself down on a bench, overhear a conversation between two total strangers, butt in and start handing out advice. I can see anger ther, of course.

But on a message board, where I have posted nothing but sympathetic posts, to be reacted to with such fury over a post merely meant to prevent people from getting sued....

I have to admit it....human nature being what it is.... I now hope that my former boss *does* sue these people for posting his address online, *and* for making physical threats against him - for they have done so.

I'm not going to forward the URL to him - I used to have his email address but I think that's cancelled now along with his website...but I surely do hope he comes across it on his own. He must know about the thread - he'd sent a couple of "ringers" there to post praise for his company (and now these same ringers are whining because the company is through and they haven't been paid - and they're the ones attacking me, plus a victim of the company who also doesn't like the fact that I give advice....)

I just don't understand it.

Too bad I don't believe in God....otherwise I'd pray every night that they get their comeuppance.

As it is I must just vent my anger and bewilderment by posting here.

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