Sunday, May 24, 2009

I fell for the oldest trick in the flamers' handbook!

Yesterday I'd been all upset and bewildered because a victim of the loss mit company I used to work for had said stupid things about one of my posts (after having praised a similar post of mine just the day before.)

So I got a private email from that person today, pointing out what I should have realized if I'd looked properly. *Her* id had one "n" in her name, a doppelganger posing as her had two "n"s.

So that makes more sense than that this womoan should suddenly turn on me.

Meantime, the two ex-employes of A2S are still on my case. Although one hopes they'll stop now as they've been exposed as liars. I had posted yesterday that one of them had been sending me profanity-laced private emails. Today she denied it. So of course I did a screencapture of my inbox, which shows her name on the messages (with their profanity-laced titles) and posted it, which proves she's a liar.

So what next, I wonder. Will this loon have the grace to go away? Probably not.

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