Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Thoughts on the.... Unbright....

I've been giving more thought to the loons at this scam website.... four of 'em are busting my chops and no one defends me... can I possibly be in the wrong and they be in the right?

And I just don't see it. defenders. Well, that's not surprising. Only 1 out of 100 visitors to a web forum actually posts there. There can be thousands of people thinking I make a lot of sense who just don't bother to post. So that doesn't concern me.

So...the four people busting my chops. What are they busting my chops *for*? For "telling them what to do." Which is not the case at all! The first time it happened, a few months ago, somebody posted the boss's home address and I just said, "Hey, that's a bad idea. You could get sued." Now,sure, I didn't provide links to the proof that it was true, and the bright bulb in question came back and said "It's a matter of public record, I found it on the web."

Doesn't matter, IMHO. By making it available on this scam website, *that* was invasion of privacy.

It was perfectly obvious to me...but then, I read "News of the Weird" and newspapers in general, and know that lawyers will sue anyone for anything, and make gazillions of dollars doing it. And apparenlty these bright bulbs at this scam site don't know that.

Anyway, I stopped posting, as the loons stopped posting addresses.

Then,three days ago, the company is shut down...leaving a lot of employees without paychecks...and apparently these dim bulbs had been working without paychecks for 2 months!

So, all I do is say something innocuous, and "I hope this guy goes to jail." Which indeed is what I hope. And that's it.

And then, the guy who had posted the address before, whom I'd advised not to do it because he could get sued, says, "Why are you even posting here. Go away."

Now, this doesn't bother me too much. I say, "Sure, my work here is done with this company closing its doors." Then I notice I have a private PM from another ex-employee, ordering me to stop posting and swearing at me.

So, of course, I don't appreciate this and of course I have to post something.

As luck would have it, within a few minutes of this, I see a link to a report at the Wallstreet Journal about bloggers and forum posters being sued, successfully, even though what they've said about people or companies is perfectly true! But because the company doing the suing has big pockets, and the schmuck doing the posting has little pockets, the big company always wins.

So I very respectfully say, "I had posted advice earlier about people not posting people's addresses here, and the OP got angry with me. Well, here's proof about what I say, so it's just friendy advice to tone down the rhetoric."

And then of course the two ex-employees - who had first come to this scam site to post *good things* about the company because they'd been "made to do so, and who are now threatening violence against the boss - are all over me for "telling them what to do."

So, that's fine. These two guys aren't too bright and I put them in their place with no problem.

Then two of the victms get on my case for "telling people what to do." And they demand to know why I even post there if I'm not a victim or an ex-worker of this company.

And I'm not going to reveal that I am an ex-worker at this company, because if the boss is reading that site, and decides to go after the loons posting threatening messages, I don't want him coming after me. Because from my reading I know that he may be guilty as sin, but some lawyer will take his case against that website for "causing him trouble."

So anyway, at this point I throw up my hands. I'm being excoriated because I'm "telling people what to do", saying I "don't like" what they're posting, and chastising people like they've never been chastised since hteir mom did it to them when they wer six years old.

And I'm looking at what they're saying and I'm just stunned.

I never once said, "Don't post this because I don't like it." All I've *ever* said is, "Look, just a friendly piece of advice. I've read where you can get sued saying stuff like this."

So, going over it again and again, I still have to come to the conlusion that I"ve done nothing wrong. I haven't "ordered" anyone to stop doing something, I've just pointed out the common sense consequences of their actions.

So, I've come to the conclusion that I am indeed without blame, and this handful of individuals on the scam site just aren't too bright.

And I can only reiterate my hope that the boss does decide to sue them for making terroristic threats and invasion of privacy.

However, I do admit I don't think that will happen.... he's in so much trouble right now that it isn't even funny....and I don't feel sorry for him at all...

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