Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arrived in Cheyenne

Well, I've arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming where my sister lives, and will stay here for a month doing a lot of writing and photo essays for things I've seen on my trip.

I'm afraid I've let my The Thunder Child webzine lie fallow for quite a while. Well, the reason is simple - I was making money with Google AdSense...and now that they've arbitrarily cancelled my account for no reason they would ever tell me - I'm no longer making any money. I put in links to ebay, but while I get a lot of clicks, you don't get paid for clicks. You only get paid if someone who has bid on something actually wins it. And that's pretty hard, depending on what they're trying to buy. So the most I've ever made is $2 a month, which is pretty ridiculous compared to what I was making...

So I've been pursuing other avenues of making money - basically accepting freelance writing jobs at Elance.

I'll be trying to write some pamphlets while I'm here, on travel rather than science fiction.

I don't want to see The Thunder Child die...I've worked long and hard on it and I think tere's lots of good stuff here, but I have to admit my spirit was crushed at the totally unfair account cancellation, and I just can't get in the mood to work on it anymore...

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