Monday, October 27, 2008

Rave Notice starring Vincent Price

The Thunder Child is a science fiction webzine, but I'm adding a new section to it, featuring mysteries, which is called The Delicious Death Society. And to inaugerate this new section, I've uploaded Rave Notice - starring Milton Berle from 1950, and Vincent Price, from 1958.

Suspense was a mystery/crime drama/occasionally SF anthology radio series which ran for 20 years. In its heyday, it attracted many top Hollywood stars, like Humphry Bogart, James Mason, Judy Garland, and so on. Vincent Price appeared on the program ten times... Milton Berle once.... but they both played the same role.

In Rave Notice, an actor in a play is fired by the director, and kills him. In order to escape the death penalty, he decides he must play the greatest role of his life, that of a homicidal lunatic.

Milton Berle played the role first, in 1950, and Vincent Price reprised it in 1958 (although 95% of the dialog is the same, there are some slight changes due to the fact that in 1950 the show had commercials, and in 1958, there were shorter, public service announcements.

I've uploaded 4 parts, which has about 5 minutes of Berle's version, then switches to the same scenes for Vincent Price. The 5th part is all Milton Berle at the end of episode, the 6th is the same scene with Vincent Price.

Listen to the show...and decide for yourself who does "insanity" better.

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