Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Iron Man


This will be a two-part post. Today, I'll talk about the exclusive Walmart doublepack...tomorrow I'll talk about the exclusive Best Buy bust, and maybe even a bit about the movie itself... although I will say I enjoyed it more than the first Spiderman, for a simple reason. I am so tired of angst movies, and Spiderman was nothing but angst, but at the end, Iron Man is just a hero. More on that tomorrow.

Anyway, exclusive to Walmart is the double pack. The front of it is an across the DVDs cover that features the three main characters. Flip it over and you see the backs of the two DVDs which of course give the contents of each.

For the Disc 2, it features:

A complete episode of the upcoming Iron Man Armored Adventures

Join young Tony Stark and his friends in these all-new adventures, back when our young hero was in high school...cramming for exams...testing his inventions...thrill seeking and battling evil. Tony has to put his typical teenage desires on hold when he invents a high-tech armored flight suit and becomes armored man.

Image Gallery from the feature film Iron man

Iron Man original motion picture soundtrack

Digital comics that reveal the story behind the special ending to Iron Man, featuring Nick Fury.

I'm not too pleased with the fact that Iron Man Armored Adventures is going to rewrite history.... Tony Stark didn't create Iron Man until he was in his 30s... yet this cartoon is going to have him do it as a teenager? Presumably with no heart problem that necessitates him wearing the pacemaker doohicky all the time...

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