Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooling off

Well, after a few hours to cool off...I'm starting to regret quitting..

Not for the reasons you think...but for the reasons I had continued to work for the jerk as long as I did.

Which was simply... he wanted me to quit. That had been obvious for a long time, and as equally obvious, I wasn't going to quit because I knew that's what he wanted.

But there were more forces at work last night than just my frustration over his dishonest Elance antics, and his persistence in communicating with me through a third party...

So although I regret falling into his trap and actually quitting, what I'm really starting to regret is not sending him, and his secretary, a detailed list of the crap he's been pulling about that Elance stuff for the last two months (before quitting, I'd downloaded all the emails for the last two months between me and him, and me and his two secretaries, about trying to get that Elance matter solved... a matter that should have taken no more than 24 hours...) just so that he'd know that I knew how dishonest he was, and she'd know immediately what a jerk he was (well, she'll doubtless find out about that soon enough, as several ex-employees have done...) I'm still relieved that I quit.

(Because the emails prove that he'd been jerking my chain, and this blogger's chain, and his secretary's chains, all along.)

Well, although I'm fortunate enough not to need the services of a loss mitigator, or run in the circles of people who do, if I can ever shine a little light on his company and prevent suckers from falling into the Loss Mitigation snare, I will certainly do my best to do so...

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