Friday, January 15, 2010

Teen angst is back again

Spiderman used to be my favorite comic book character. The first issue I ever picked up was #106 ... the Spidey vs Professor Smythe issue, and I kept reading until issue 200... I think... by the time I gave up on comics altogether because of the never ending rising prices (and I got upset when they went up to 75 cents, now you can't buy them for less than $3!) I had already given up on Spiderman because the angst and soap opera was just getting on my nerves.

And so although I went to see the first Spiderman movie, I've never bothered to watch it again because of all the angst displayed in it... Spiderman/Peter Parker trapped in the tragedy of his best friend thinking Spiderman has killed his father, who is in actual fact the Green Goblin. I just wanted to see a superhero adventure, not a soap opera.

But apparently the "powers that be" have decided otherwise.

According to Hollywood Reporter:

Spider-Man 4 dead, franchise rebooting
by Doc on Jan.12, 2010, under Movies

After Spider-Man 4 slipped in its release schedule due to an apparent impasse over the script and characters, Sony/Columbia have decided to jettison plans, along with Raimi and the cast, and instead go with a reboot of the franchise based on a script by James Vanderbilt, and getting back to the superpowers vs. teen angst angle. But if they already have the script, how long has the studio been planning this?

Meantime, I'm not sure if I want to go see Iron Man 2 or not. I enjoyed Iron Man 1, for the most part, but thought the ending was ridiculous, and now in Iron Man 2 the plot is that the goverment is going to try to take away his suit so they can mass produce it, and he refuses. Seems kind of dumb. He used to be a munitions manufacturer, selling arms to all who could pay for them, and now he won't sell his suit? (Or perhaps they want him to give it to them, rather than sell it..)

Then the villain, played by Mickey Rourke, with the exo-skeleton and the electrified whips, just looks so stupid. One long range shot from a bazooka, and he's history.

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