Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm not a kid anymore, but...

I just got the January Lego calendar in the mail, and there's so much stuff in there I'd love to buy. The fact that these items are described as being for ages 3-12 or 6 to 16 are mere bagatelles. Did I but have the discretionary cash, I'd snap 'em up.

A lot of the issue is given over to what I assume is their new Atlantis line, undersea cities, shipwrecks, squid, manta rays, submarines, jetpacks.

Then theyve got some Toy Story stuff. Though I am not looking forward to Toy Story 3 - the "old family toys" have suddenly been abandoned in a daycare center - never happen! - Toy Story 1 and 2 are two of my favorite movies, and Buzz Lightyear is a favorite character. I wouldn'be be ashed to have a 7 inch tall Buzz LIghtyear Lego figurine sharing my bed!

Then there's some new Star Waes sets - from the original and good Star Wars trilogy as opposed to the newer things.Indeed, for $399 there's a Death Star with 24 minifigs and droids, working trash compactor, moving turrets, something that would be a real joy to have.

Well...perhaps if I ever win the lottery.

I share some of those items here, in case anyone wants to recapture the joyous and imaginative feelings of their childhood...while at the same time supporting The Thunder Child science fiction and fantasy webzine. ; )

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