Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to think about an Electric Bike

Electric bikes have come a long way. It used to be that everyone knew you were riding one - there'd be this clunky thing attached to the frame (the motor).


However, these days, the most sophisticated bikes look just like.. bikes. The motor - or the powerplant, anyway! is concealed within the frame of the bike, and the batteries that power it are tastefully hidden in an over the wheel pannier, for example.

An electric bike is not just for "lazy" bikers. You still have to pedal! It's when you come to some daunting hill, you need fear it no more. Start pedaling, and the motor will help you out.

And should the battery die on you (as current batteries do at about the 70 mile mark) you can still pedal yourself home.

There's a website that discusses all the new electric bikes, scooters and (soon to come) motorcycles on the market. Whatever you think about the green movement, electric bikes make a lot of sense.

Read up on 'em.



naina said...


I totally agree with you, this is the right time to get an electric bike or scooter that are very cost effective, convenient, fun to ride, and best thing isthey do not pollute the environment at all.


Adam said...

E bikes are Great bike i have bought one and tried it out really excelent quality but the design didnt quite speak to me. I changed it at bicycle motor they have chrommed it and now it looks a lot better if you have that bike i really advice to do the same.