Monday, February 16, 2009

Conjure Wife

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time... had no idea I'd been so dilatory.

Well, I've had a lot of projects on the burner.

I've started a blog on magic called Conjure Wife. I like that title, for all that it's the title of a Fritz Leiber novelette about a man who discovers he's married to a real live witch. It's been made into a movie a couple of times - including one starring one of my favorite actors, Peter Wyngarde, called Night of the Eagle/Burn Witch Burn. (Had they just called it Conjure Wife, it might actually have drawn an audience!)

Also, they're remaking the film for a 2010 debut...I don't hold out much hope that it will be any good... I really really dislike modern films with their insistence on blood, guts and gore...and the fact that many people actually rate their approval of such films by how much gore it actually has, is very frightening.

Anyway, the blog will deal with a history of magic, and magicians, with an emphasis on female magicians, and also with any other esoterica, for example magicians on stamps, magicians on TV, and so on.

So please check it out.

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