Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Illustrated Bradbury

Those of you who live in California are fortunate enough to go see a one-man show called The Illustrated Bradbury, if you so wish. It opened last night (Feb 21) and will run until March 8, 2009.

Ray Bradbury himself was there the opening night, introducing the show and signing his books afterwards.

(I'm in Virginia and so did not and cannot see it, but I've read a review of it. This person thought the first act dragged but that the second act absolutely made up for it, with a long monologue by the Fire Captain in Farhenheit 451 which is "as potent and relevant today ad when he wrote it in 1953".)

Synopsis from website
Back in 1951, Ray Bradbury wrote a book called The Illustrated Man, in which the titular character possessed tattoos which came to animated life and depicted stories of the past and future. Actor Tobias Andersen uses the character as an inspiration for his non-tattooed solo performance piece The Illustrated Bradbury in which he depicts nine tales derived from different volumes by the fantasy master and Pulitzer Prize honoree Bradbury.

The storylines unfolded include ones about: a man who seeks to destroy every machine that intrudes upon his life; men of the present day encountering a prehistoric monster from the ocean depths; a woman who stubbornly faces down Death himself; a chicken with a remarkable gift foretelling the future; and much more.

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