Saturday, August 30, 2008

The terrible thing about football season

I'm not too enamored of college football... I like to watch Notre Dame lose, but that's about it. Professional football I'm much more interested in, the Minnesota Vikings of course, and the Greenbay Packers I want to do well now, just so the naysayers can't say anything about them having dumped Brett Favre, and I hope Favre stinks it up, just on principle...

But the terrible thing about football games is that they always run long. Which means that you can be looking forward to some TV show that's supposed to start after the game...and by the time it comes on you've missed 15 minutes of it already!

So tonight I'm on CBS, and I've been waiting a week for CSI Miami episode "Darkroom" which has an actor guest-starring in it whom I like... and it looks like the college game Alabama v Clemson will run at least 10 minutes long (despite the fact that Alabama has a 24 point lead - only 3 minutes to go, why bother to even show the rest of it????

But they will, and then there'll be the news, and so my show that I've been waiting a whole week for will start and I'll miss 15 minutes of it, and chances are the actor I'm waiting to see will only appear in the first 15 minutes. That's my luck.

So I'm really annoyed right now!

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