Friday, August 22, 2008

Isaac Asimov's Science Essay Books

I've never really cared for Asimov's science fiction. (I hear the gasps!) His "voice" is simply too stilted for me.... although I read his early Black Widowers stories with enjoyment they too began to get on my nerves... every single character sounds alike and they all talk in ways that no real human being would use ...the kind of pretentious way Spock or 7 of 9 or Tuvok would speak...

On the other hand, I like reading his science essays, because even though he does get in a bit of archaic sentence construction, his essays are fascinating, with history and education in certain measures. I don't pretend to understand him when he's talking about complex stuff such as higher math or chemistry, but they're still fun to read.

The Thunder Child has an Asimove quote book, at

It's been hanging fire for about a year as I've had to concentrate on other aspects of science fiction, but I'm getting back into it now, so much so that I'm compiling my own collection of his books via The sad bit about that is that 9 times out of 10 the books I get are dis.... can't remember the technical term.... anyway, they used to be library books, but libraries are getting rid of them, which I think is a pity.

Anyway, I've just started amassing my collection (the quote book to date was compiled using library copies from a library in an AFB in Germany...) The titles in bold are books I own to date.

1. Only A Trillion (1957)
2. Fact and Fancy (1962)
3. View from a Height (1963)
4. Adding a Dimension (1964)
5. Of Time, Space & Other Things (1965)
6. From Earth to Heaven (1966)
7. Is Anybody There? (1967)
8. Science, Numbers and I (1968)
9. The Solar System and Back (1970)
10. The Stars in Their Course (1971)
11. Left Hand of the Electron (1972)
12. The Tragedy of the Moon (1973)
13. Of Matters Great & Small (1975)
14. The Planet That Wasn't (1976)
15. Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright (1977)
16. The Road to Infinity (1979)
17. The Sun Shines Bright (1981)
18. Asimov on Science Fiction (1982)
19. Counting the Eons (1983)
20. X Stands for Unknown (1984)
21. The Subatomic Monster (1985)
22. Far as Human Eye Could See (1987)
23. The Relativity of Wrong (1988)
24. Out of Everywhere (1990)
25. The Secret of The Universe (1990)
26. Robot Visions (1990)

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