Sunday, August 24, 2008

Science Fiction on BBC Radio 7

BBC Radio 7 digital radio streams audio, with each program available for seven days before it drops off the radio.

Since I've been remiss in telling you what's on BBC Radio 7, I'll start with what's about to drop off today, and continue on from there.

Monday, 18 August
Ghost Zone
A Highland village appears to survive the huge impact of a meteor. A sci-fi thriller by Marty Ross. Episode 1 of 5.

Fantastic Tales
Hell Screen: A chilling horror set in medieval Japan. A powerful Lord clashes with an arrogant painter leading to tragedy. Episode 1 of 2.

Tuesday, 19 August
Ghost Zone
Jill finds her daughter alive after a meteor has crashed on a Highland village. A sci-fi thriller by Marty Ross. Episode 2 of 5.

Fantastic Tales
Hell Screen: The chilling horror set in medieval Japan continues. The painter, Yoshihide, puts his daughter's life in terrible danger. Episode 2 of 2.

Wednesday, 20 August
Ghost Zone
Sci-fi thriller by Marty Ross. A soldier comes back from the dead. Episode 3 of 5.

Fantastic Tales
Alarm Clock on the Night Table: A salutary tale about living for the moment. A chain of events forces an elderly woman to confront a tragedy from her past.

Thursday, 21 August
Serenity: As he finally adjusts to his parallel life, has Robin convinced his 'ex-wife' of the truth? Stars Hugh Bonneville. Episode 5 of 6.

Ghost Zone
Sci-fi thriller by Marty Ross. Something lies buried beneath the village. Episode 4 of 5.

Fantastic Tales
The White People: The nature of good and evil and the origins of sin are explored in this intriguing tale.

Friday, 22 August
Ghost Zone
Marty Ross' sci-fi thriller concludes. As the army closes in the village begins to disappear. Episode 5 of 5.

Fantastic Tales
Delhi: A man living in present-day Delhi is haunted by visions of the city as it was in the past and how it will be in the future.

Saturday, 23 August

Around the World in Eighty Days
An Over-Hurried Departure: Phileas Fogg's new valet, Passepartout, is hoping for a quiet life. Jules Verne's classic adventure, starring Leslie Phillips. Episode 1 of 4. (Not really SF, but it is Jules Verne)

Operation Luna
Classic 1950s science fiction. Pursued by spaceships on the dark side of the moon, the crew drift dangerously off course. Episode 7 of 13.

The Brightonomicon
The Incredible Encounter With Hugo Rune: A young man is saved from drowning by a mysterious gentleman in 1960s Brighton. The adventures of Rune and Rizla begin! Episode 1 of 13.

Sunday, 24 August

Blake's 7
Traitor: Can Blake and his rebel crew make a stand against the power of the Liberator? Only Avon has the answer, but whose side is he on? Episode 2 of 3.

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