Saturday, August 09, 2008

Books I'm reading

I'll be writing reviews of the following books:

Contained within a book called The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham, by Norvell Page, are 3 pulp novels:

Satan's Murder Machines - 1939. Featurs gigantic robots destroying the city
Death Reign of the Vampire King - 1935
The Octopus - 1939

Here's the first page of each book:

Satan's Muerder Machines:
The man was a watchman, wearing the uniform of a private police agency, and he walked with his head bowed into the bitter winter wind that whimpered through Sutton Place. He moved swiftly, yet it was not the cold that he fled. Ever and again, he looked back the dark way he had come.
He was looking the wrong wy, for, half a block ahead of him, the shadows of a doorway concealed a curious figure. There was nothing furtive about the broad shoulders, superbly set off by the tailoring of a Chesterfield coat that covered evening dress; nor about the arogant carriage of the head beneath the gleaming silk hat. He seemed a gentleman of leisure about to take a bed-time stroll, except for two things. The upper hslf of his face was hidden by a silk mask, and in his white-gloved hand there lay an automatic pistol, ir's snub nose brutal as a rattlesnake's head!

Death Reign of the Vampire King
Twenty men with shotguns patrolled the wide lawns of Robert Latham's mansion, crouching in the black shadows of the night. Their hands were tightly clamped on their weapons and they cringed close against the walls of the house. They watched the moon-drenched sky fearfully.
From the dense shadow of a shrub a score of yards away, another man spied upon them. He was a hunched, grotesque figure and his long black cape made his body blend with the darkness. Heheld no weapon, but beside him was a large bird cage. On his lis was a thin, tight smile...
Those guards feared different terror,but if they could have seen this lurking man, they would have fled screaming in panic behind the protecting walls of the house. Not even their rady shotguns would have reassured them. For they were men of the Underworld and he who watched preyed upon their kind. He slew and left a mocking vermilion seal upon their foreheads to show that full vengeance had been exacted by the champion of oppressed humanity -- nemesis of all criminals -- the Spider!

The Octopus
The young nurse nnodded downward at the mummy-like thing on the cot in Ward 7. "She's been trying to move, SDoctor." she said. "Are you sure you need the stimulants?" Dr. Skull nodded absently. His keen brown eyes, the liveliest thing in his gentle old face, were appraising the swathed figure of Mrs Purvins, and there was an ancient satisfaction in them, ancient as medicine itself. He remembered the day, almost a month ago, when a frightened woman stripped herself in his office, and whispered, "Is it cancer, Doctor? Will I die soon?"
She had been ghastly, that woman, with the hard black growth ridging her body like the tentacles of a deep sea monster. Ghastly even to the case-hardened eye of the surgeon.

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