Friday, November 10, 2006

Opnion Polls America

I've never been happy with the questions asked in polls and questionaires. As the critics say, it's easy to skew results by asking questions in such a way that you get the results you want. Or, the questions are so vague that the answers aren't really representative of what people would like to say.

So I've started a new website called Opinion Polls America that features polls on political issues. One poll I put up was opinons on Rush Limbaugh. I announced this on various usenet political boards, expecting thousands of responses, and got ....zilch.

After going more thoroughly into these things, like and alt.politics.bush, I'm really not surprised. If there are any people there who'd like to have a calm, rational discussion on politics, they are snowed under by people - undoubtedly 99% guys! - who just want to call each other, and the party opposed to theirs, names.

So, I guess I'll wait for the domain name to "resolve" and then try to interest political bloggers and websites in it.

Anyone interested?
is the URL right now.

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