Thursday, November 02, 2006

Limbaugh's at it again

It really is amusing, if infuriating, to listen to Rush Limbaugh at times. Today, he's hammering on John Kerry again. It's been 3 days since Kerry made his unfortunate comment, it's over, but Limbaugh doesn't follow his own rules. When the Foley case broke and Foley resigned, according to Limbaugh that should have been it, story over.

But Kerry's apologized, he's no longer campaigning for Dems, story over, but not for Limbaugh, who's apparently been spending the whole morning quoting from comments Kerry made in the 1970s about an all volunteer army. He persists in saying Kerry was lying when he says he was talking about Bush, not the troops, but I say again if you see the whole clip it is *obvious* that that is what he is talking about. He'd just insulted Bush once, he was just doing it again. But of course the only thing people ever see or hear is the statement about 'stuck in Iraq,' much as Limbaugh was pilloried for his Michael J. Fox 'acting' comments taken out of context from the rest of what he was saying.

So...they all do it... pot, kettle, black. Limbaugh is just more annoying because of course he has to call Kerry 'Lurch' to insult him. (Never mind the fact that Lurch was a much loved character on the Adams family).

Then Limbaugh says that unlike Kerry, Bush doesn't suffer from "foot-in-mouth" disease. Limbaugh is conveniently forgetting Bush's comments post-Katrinia, when he asked somebody, "What went wrong?" after they'd said, "Nothing had gone right for FEMA." I can't quite remember the context but basically he came across as not realizing that lots of people had unneccesariliy suffered and died because FEMA hadn't reacted promptly (although much of that can be traced to the incompetentness of the Louisiana and New Orleans politicians, too.)

Then, Bush is talking with one of his wealthy friends, and says, "We're going to have your house built back here in just a few months," meanwhile the poor are still waiting for the city to be rebuilt.

The above are vague references...if you search on Bush's speeches and actions post Katrina you'll get the complete stories in more detail.

Anyway, I have to admit I'm leaning towards voting for Webb, even though I am a Republican. I believe in abortion, I believe in the right to gay marriage, and if the ads are to be believed Webb believes in those things too. And the attack on his writings is frankly what persuades me to vote for him.


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