Saturday, November 04, 2006

No November issue for The Thunder Child

I spent so much time working on the Clive Francis website, and on my new Ghost Guns Virginia site, that the November issue of The Thunder Child simply didn't get done in time. I've got a lot of material, though, so should be enough for the December issue already, plus a few thing left over for the January issue, further to my goal of having each issue done a month ahead of time.

On the political front, listened to bits of Neal Boortz, Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on Friday. They're all saying the same thing - Kerry insulted the troops. Well, he didn't. I thought about emailing each of 'em and requesting that they play the *entire* clip - which would include the Bush in a state of denial comment which he made before he made the 'stuck in Iraq' comment, which makes it clear what he was talking about.

And also contrasting their attitudes. They all rose to Limbaugh's defense when he critizized - and was misquoted - about his statements about Michael J. Fox. Kerry was subject to the same attack but on the other side.

Other than that...I'm getting one of my dehibilitating headaches so don't think I'll be able to accomplish much today, on any project.

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