Wednesday, May 17, 2006

5/17: SCi fi on the computer

Nothing sci fi today on BBC7 Listen Again..I think there's a horror program called The Willows, but since I'm not into horror I don't know. Of course just because nothing new was added doesn't mean you can't go to the site and listen to sci fi - Saturday's programs are still available and they have Charles Chiltern's Operation Luna.

When Radio Was
Every Wednesday and Friday is broadcast 15 minutes of Superman. Knights of the White Carnation. I haven't been listening to it - not because it's not telling a story of moment - it's about tolerance for immigrants! - but because I missed what I had assumed to be the first installment, and when that happens I don't like to listen to the rest. But if anyone else is less picky...

Thursday 5/18 (tomorrow) on When Radio Was will be a sci fi show, X Minus One, with the story:
And The Moon Be Still As BrightOriginal Air Date - 9/22/55

Thursday 5/25
Exploring Tomorrow
Happiness EffectOriginal Air Date - 5/10/1905

Nothing else through June 16 - but lots of good drama programs.

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