Monday, May 15, 2006

5/15: Hello Readers!

I just added a counter to this blog a couple of days ago...and I see that I do have a few readers dropping by day by day - that's always nice to know!

So now I'll work even more diligently to ensure that I've got the schedules for radio, movies, astronomical events, etc. posted here in a timely manner...I have to admit I was letting it slide and only updating every other day or I've got to spend most of my time working on getting each new issue of The Thunder Child ready to go.

I wish all my visitors out there would drop me a line and tell me where they heard about the blog...are you coming from the link on the The Thunder Child website ...or did you just pop in from the web?

What this blog is supposed to do:

1) Keep you updated on sci fi and fantasy radio programs - from BBC7, When Radio Was, and other OTR websites
2) List milestones - dates, births and other important events in science fiction and fact history.
3) Talk about my coups for The Thunder Child web magazine...

Thanks for stopping by.

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