Thursday, September 23, 2010

24 Sep, 2010, Friday, SF on BBC Radio 7

You can listen to these programs for 7 days from today

The Book of the City of Ladies
Episode 5
5/5. At the Chapel of Women, there's jubilant singing. With Kathryn Hunt.

Redesigning the Human Body
The Skin We're In
5/5. Len Fisher dreams about what he could do to make his skin more appealing.

Series 1, The Pools of Time
5/10. The starship closes in on Zelda 5, where Darv and Astra face death as captives.

Charles Chilton - Journey into Space
The Red Planet, Episode 5
5/20. With communications to Earth lost, Jet Morgan's courage is tested during a meteor swarm.

Old Harry's Game
Series 4, Episode 4
4/6. Satan is cross with Yeats over a poem. Scumspawn and Thomas write their own verse.

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