Monday, September 20, 2010

21 Sep, 2010, Tuesday, SF on BBC Radio 7

You can listen to these programs for 7 days from today.

Series 1, Episode 1
1/6. Robin Lightfoot wakes up to discover he's in a parallel universe, with a wife and kids.

The Book of the City of Ladies
Episode 2
2/5. Building the walls and visions of valour. Christine de Pizan's allegorical fantasy.

Redesigning the Human Body
Moving Along
2/5. A physicist and a toy maker help Len Fisher try rolling and hopping.

Series 1, First Footprint City
2/10. Heading for a home they've never known, the crew must come to terms with shock news.

Charles Chilton - Journey into Space
The Red Planet, Episode 2
2/20. Captain Jet Morgan is bound for Mars, but one of his crew has been cast adrift in space.

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