Tuesday, September 21, 2010

22 Sep, 2010, Wednesday, SF on BBC Radio 7

You can listen to these programs for 7 days


he Book of the City of Ladies
Episode 3
3/5. The brilliance of women's minds and a Temple of Female Learning. With Kathryn Hunt.

Redesigning the Human Body
Having the Guts
3/5. Len Fisher discovers whether science can solve the problems of the human digestive system.

Series 1, Sands of Kyros
3/10. After their devastating news, the starship's crew face peril from a once benign force.

Charles Chilton - Journey into Space
The Red Planet, Episode 3
3/20. Whitaker is behaving strangely, as bad dreams plague the crew on their mission to Mars.

The Party, Party
Episode 4
4/6. No one in Microcosm notices that the quiz show Narrator has gone missing.

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