Sunday, April 25, 2010

What we need to learn from history: 400 years ago

I just saw an editorial cartoon in which two Native Americans confront a male and a female Pilgrim and say, "No passport? No Green card? You can't enter our country."

And that refrain is a typical one, I'm afraid. "We stole this land from the Indians, so what right do we have to try to keep people from Mexico, Central America, and any other country, out of our country? (And, of course, what right do we have to expect them all to speak English?)

Here's the thing. 400 years ago, the Native Americans consisted of thousands of tribes, most of them - not all, but most of them - hating each other and warring against each other. They could not - and did not - secure their borders. Result - all the Native Americans have left of their land is reservations, where they dwell in poverty and drunkenness.

What is the lesson we need to learn here? That after 400 years of owning this land, we Americans - people born here in those 400 years, and those who immigrated legally, are in danger of losing that land to new invaders.

These new invaders don't have the guns or technological superiority (except the drug cartels, of course) what they have instead is the "R" word. Try to keep them out and it's "Oh, you're racist."

No, we're not racist. We just can't afford to let people in here overwhelming our welfare system. We're already bankrupt!

Everytime you read about the problem with illegal immigration, the "mainstream" or "lamestream" or "driveby" media always, always, calls it "immigration." They never mention that what Arizona and other states are trying to fix is "illegal" immigration.

Frankly, it is because there are so many illegals in this country that actual citizens, of Latino and Hispanic heritage, get such a bum rap. The illegals are a slap in the face to those indviduals who came to this country legally and did everything they were required to do to gain citizenship. Then we've got these illegals who just waltz in, and expect, and are, put on the welfare rolls immediately. Oh, yes, there are pockets of resistance - but those people who try to fight back are labeled racist, and their efforts are doomed to failure.

The US is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. We need educated, productive immigrants coming here - people who won't immediately go on welfare and never get off. People who will learn our language - that'd be English - to make it easier for them to succeed. We don't need people who have no education, no desire to learn English, to come here and get on our welfare system.

Don't get me wrong. Who wants to live in Mexico? Or Central America? Nothing but grinding poverty and dishonest politicans - worse than our own politicians. I don't begrudge people who want a better life.

But I don't want my country dragged down to Mexico's level of poverty because we didn't secure our borders. Let's help them *in their country* and keep them out of ours until they have the education and knowledge to be worthy to come here.

In the early 1900s the US was wide-open. Anyone who was willing to work with their hands was as valued as those who could work with their brains. That's no longer the case. Now, we need brain work.

We need to stop the invaders. If we can't, we probably won't end up like the Native Americans, living in our own little reservations. What we will end up like (and by we I mean the middle class, the people who do all the work in this country) is slaves who do the work while the poor live comfortably in their houses with their perks.

(How do I know this? You should keep up with what's happening in Haiti. Everyone who was hurt in the earthquake is getting free healthcare and free food. So, other Haitians, who weren't hurt by the earthquake, are now moving into the "tent cities" in order to get all this free stuff. Human nature.

Meantime, the UN, with funds given to them mostly by the US, are spending $400 million a year in Haiti. Of that, $39 mil goes to the Haitians, the remainng $371 mil goes to the salaries and perks of the people there.

There's something wrong with this picture.

The US is bankrupt. It's time we stopped throwing money away on other, poor countries with crooked politicians, and kept the money in our country. Yes, our politicians are crooked also, but not as egregiously as everyone elses.