Friday, April 30, 2010

From Forry Ackerman to Orson Welles: The Views and Reviews of Steve Vertlieb

The Thunder Child is proud to announce our new pubishing venture, Sacred Poet Press, which is an ebook-only press at the present time.

The first offering in our pantheon is a collection of the works of Steve Vertlieb, entitled From Forry Ackerman to Orson Welles: The Views and Reviews of Steve Vertlieb.

All of the work below either first appeared at The Thunder Child science fiction and fantasy webzine, or was reprinted there with Steve's permission.

If you don't have a Kindle (currently the only format where the book is available), you can download a FREE Kindle emulator:

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Introducing Steve Vertlieb
1. The Most “Famous Monster” of Them All: A Personal Remembrance of Forrest J. Ackerman
2. A Chip off the Old Bloch
3. How I Met the Blob
4. The “Milk” of Human Kindness
1. The Gentle Monster – The Life of Boris Karloff
2. Vampire in the Shadows – The Life of Bela Lugosi
3. Xanadu: A Castle in the Clouds – The Life of Orson Welles
4. Time After Time – The Life of Miklos Rozsa
6. Between This World and the Next – The Twilight Zone
1. Under The Stars of Egypt: The Making of Kreating Karloff
1. Movie: The Dark Knight
2. Movie: Peter Jackson’s King Kong
3. DVD Release: Peter Jackson’s King Kong Revisited
4. Soundtrack CDs: Tribute Film Classics: Mysterious Island, Fahrenheit 451 and “Walking Distance”, Varese Sarabande’s North By Northwest
5. Documentary: Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann
6. Soundtrack CDs: Monstrous Music: The Blob and The Intruder
7. Soundtrack CD: Howard Shore’s Return of the King
8. Rock Musical CD: Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds
1. The Thunder Child Interviews Steve Vertlieb
2. The Return of Steve Vertlieb: The Thunder Child Interviews Steve Vertlieb Again

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