Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weirder than color TV

A few days ago, I spilled just a little bit of Pepsi on my Vaio laptop. I didnt' think any of it got into the keyboard, but the next day the laptop started acting funny. I couldn't select the address URL bar, for example. If I tried to move the mouse to the front, the cursor would go through all the letters to get to the end, on its own. I'd have to delete the letters and type in the URL manually.

Then, when I'd try to select anything from the menu bar, every button would be selected one after the other...I couldn't choose anything.

Well, this ticked me off, as you can imagine. Thousand dollar laptop up the spout because of just a tiny bit of spilled Pepsi. I could still use it to watch my unbox videos, but I could only select the ones on the far end of the screen..anytime I selected one of the video icons on the left, they would just switch one by one to the far right hand side of the screen.

But if I did a view by list, then I could choose the ones I wanted.

Anyway, today, I decided to take a can of compressed air, and blow it underneath all the keys of the keyboard, and see if that would do any good.

I didn't expect it to.

But it did!

The laptop now works fine.

So, whether it was a bit of sticky pepsi that has now come unstuck because cold compressed air made it unsticky, or whether something had become lodged under one of the keys that was always pressing down (I don't think I ever tried to type anything in a word processing file, just to see what would happen).... in any event, problem solved.

So I'm feeling relieved and better than I have in days.

And now I've just noticed...the volume on the computer has now increased 100%. It used to be I could barely hear it when I was playing my vids, now I can hear it easily.

Guess I'll have to clean out my keyboard more often.

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