Monday, September 21, 2009

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Photobook

Although Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (VTTBOTS) fandom doesn't get as much press as Star Trek fandom, it's certainly out there. And indeed, VTTBOTS debuted before Star Trek, and lasted a year longer. (Star Trek continued to try to do mature entertainment in its 3rd season, whereas after season 1, VTTBOTS suffered the fate of Lost in Space after its first season as well, and became increasingly aimed toward children - a successful formula, apparently.)

There are several websites devoted to VTTBOTS, including an official Irwin Allen site which also has material on all of his other classic 1960s and 1970s shows.

The Thunder Child is launching a retrospective of the TV series, which starred Richard Basehart as Admiral Nelson and David Hedison as Captain Lee Crane, beginning with the first episode Eleven Days to Zero. Special guest star in this episode, Eddie Albert.

Not so much a retrospective as a guide book (eventually) to the actors who appeared on the show, locations that were used in the show, and any interesting camera angles/shots/special effects that were used throughout.

Most VTTBOTS episodes can be viewed for free over the internet, whether at or at its IMDB webpage. However, if you're a collector, why not pick up the collected comic book works of VTTBOTS?

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