Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ultimate Guide to James Bond Unused Movie Music

Matt Monroe sings From Russia With Love

Anthony Newley co-wrote the theme music for Goldfinger. Here he is singing it. It's a much more low-key effort than Shirley Basseys, and doesn't have the three note horns at the beginning, but I actually quite like it.

Johnny Cash submitted a song to the producers of Thunderball, but they elected not to use it.

Blondie submitted For Your Eyes Only, but eventually SHeena Eeston sang a different theme song.

The Living Daylights, by a-ha

The same music as the movie, but with a different mix. John Barry and a-ha "did not collaborate well." Barry's mix was used in the movie.

Ace of Base demo for Goldeneye

A Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg, from Goldeneye. The tank chase, replaced in the film, but available on the soundtrack.

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