Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Last Flight

In another couple of hours, as I write this, the Science Ficton channel is going to be showing The Last Flight, in their Twilight Zone marathon. It's one of my favorite episodes, not the least because it stars Kenneth Haigh.

Haigh, a British actor, came over to the States for a couple of years, in 1959/1960, to try his hand at American TV. (He had come over the pond to star in the American debut of Look Back in Anger, the play, on Broadway.)

Anyway, I love this episode. He also starred in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, called Banquo's Chair. A rather small part in that one, he plays a young man who murdered his Aunt. John Williams plays a lawyer who has hired an old woman to play the ghost of the murdered Aunt, in an effort to get Haigh's character to confess. And Haigh's character does indeed get freaked out and confesses. After he's led away, there's a knock on the door and an old woman shows up - the actress who'd been hired to play the ghost. She'd gotten lost on the way and just arrived... fade out on John William's reaction...
Kenneth Haigh today

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