Sunday, January 04, 2009

Generate your own electricity.... free!

I don't really buy into man-made global warming...

Oh, I believe mankind is polluting the planet to an incredible degree, but I also beleive there's no way to stop it. While the US is being forced to cut back on everything it does... it's not like developing countries are going to stop developing - they *want* to be where we are - and if that means cutting down rainforests, driving animals to extinction, and so on, they're going to do it!

But, I am interested in saving money, so I've been scoping out various ways to save on home heating and cooling bills, and have found one here that looks pretty interesting: Earth 4 Energy.

It's an ebook, and videos (a great help) that shows you how to build your own solar and windpowered systems for your home - and if you generate "too much" energy - you can even sell the excess to the power companies. Now I like the sound of that.

$49.97 for the whole thing, and it cost $200 to build the system.... not bad to save that much in energy costs in a year.

Now if only that guy with the water-powered car engine can get that thing going!

So if this sounds interesting to ya...check it out!

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