Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jim Moran, Democrat from Virginia

Keeping your own wealth is a simplistic notion.

Here's the thing. The government most certainly "shares the wealth." What are welfare payments to people who don't work anything other than "sharing the wealth?" For every family who legitimately hit hard times and needs a little help to *get back on their feet,*, there is the family which consists of a "single" mom with ten or eleven kids, who has no education, who doesn't value education, who demands Section 8 housing and will burn down the home of anyone who won't give her what she *wants*. Too bad she doesnt' get given what she deserves... ie having her tubes tied for her.

This was posted on the Sean Hannity forums, and it is just shocking. For everyone who is infuriated by this guy's statement, there's another person who says, "Yes, it makes sense."

Seems to me the wealthy give a great deal to charity, they pay a great deal in taxes (and if they don't they go to jail. Anyone remember Leona Helmsley?), and they get a raw deal.

And the problem is these people think that wealth applies *only* to those whom Americans consider rich. Problem is. For the rest of the world living in poverty, even a poor person in the US is rich... and doesn't deserve to be, eh? If everyone can't be rich, then no one can be. That's the philosophy of the socialist... never mind that 10 % of people in a socialist country are rich - the rulers - while 90% of the people are dirt poor.

I prefer the American system, flawed though it is when it comes to enabling welfare.

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