Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well...I've been working for the past couple of days replacing my Google Ad Sense ads with an Ebay ad... not that I expect anything to come of it. I've had a couple of other affiliate tries, Warbirds - which did aircraft models, and some kind of poster store, and had no luck, and no clicks, with either. Adsense was my one profitable revenue stream, and for them to just take it away from me...

What's worse of course is that they didn't bother to tell me why! I have no porn on the site, no racist remarks, no offensive content (that any "normal" person would deem offensive - I call Obama a socialist and he is one!) .... what else is there? Click fraud? I can't click on my own ads, that's the rules, but even if I *did* click on them, I earn no money because the system knows that the click comes from my how can I be involved in click fraud?

So I'm sitting here, bewildered and pissed off, and if I had deep enough pockets, I'd start a lawsuit so quick it would make their heads spin. Because that's what really irks...the fact that they won't explain why they've done this. Their "explanation" page says they don't explain why in order to "protect" their customers, but you know it's because they're trying to protect themselves from lawsuits. Well, I'd sue 'em anyway if I had any money.

So...with my money-making webzines rendered useless, I've just been putzing around for the last few days, thinking, "What's the use..." Even if I made any reasonable amount of money, the guvmint would just find a way of taking it away... either through mismanaging the economy so that the dollar becomes worthless, or increasing taxes so all my hard-earned money gets taken from me and "spread around" to other people who did nothing to earn it (and therefore, and this is human nature, won't appreciate it - and therefore demand more as their "due"!)

God I'm pissed off!

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