Thursday, June 14, 2007

No IPower again...

Well, once again, about 30 days later, my website is down once more. Last time I think it happened because I tried to add a new domain pointer by myself and screwed something up, but this time it just "happened" and I am really getting annoyed with it.

The bad thing is that I've got three domains pointing to this website, so of course they are down as well. The other bad thing is I don't have time to do anything about it today.

I never did go about moving the domain from Ipower after the last debacle, and now of course I regret it. Once it's back up, if it ever comes back up - I'll move everythign toot sweet, (or tout suite, as the Frenchies say.)

Anyway, good SF on BBC Radio 7 during these 7 days, from PHilip K. DIck to James Follett, so check it out.

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