Monday, June 18, 2007

Filmmakers Fumble Fantastic Four

I saw this today, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. Oh, the special effects were fine, but the plot just left so many holes and ruined the classic Silver Surfer story.


The Surfer comes to earth. He sees it's a good planet for Galactus. Why doesn't he just send the signal and then leave? Why does he continue making those stupid craters - was that supposed to open up a way for Galactus to devour the planet? Not that he'd need to, because the only Galactus we see in this movie is a gigantic energy cloud who wouldn't need to do anything with those craters, surely?

Victor Von Doom has figured it out about the craters, and comes and talks to the Surfer. "Together we can rule the world." Does Victor Von Doom really, really think that someone like The Surfer would need him?

But of course that was just an excuse so the Surfer would hit him with a blast...which for some reason heals his scarred body... well, ya can't expect actor Julian McMahon to not be able to show his face.

Then there's Johnny Storm giving the Silver a bit of a burst at the end. As if the Silver Surfer needs any help at all getting up to speed.

And then there's the "destruction" of Galactus. How does the Surfer pull that off? If Galactus eats energy, how can a sudden burst of energy destroy him?

The problem is, of course, that in the comic books it was all talk. The Surfer asks the gigantic human-looking Galactus to spare the planet, Galactus says no... but the Watcher is there...and I think Reed has stolen a piece of machinery Galactus needs to Galactus dooms the Surfer to earth and leaves...

I'd've rather seen it that way!

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