Saturday, July 22, 2017

John DeLancie set to host a masquerade ball on the Stat Trek cruise

Theme nights on board the cruise:

From the site:

Welcome to Star Trek: The Cruise Mirror Universe… An alternate reality in which good is bad and bad is good. There are no ion storms to monkey with the transporters on the Norwegian Jade, but we may still find ourselves crossing over to the “other side”. Tonight we visit the darkest parallel timeline, where the uniforms look different, as does the facial hair. It's going to get weird, wild and wicked, but hopefully our crew will get us back to our timeline without a visit to the Agony Booth.
Captain Sulu’s Soiree Captain Sulu invites officers and crewmembers from all species to boldly go where no one has gone before. It was a tradition on the USS Excelsior and we're bringing it to the Norwegian Jade: Captain Sulu's Soirée. This celebration will unite civilizations across the galaxy in an incredible festive night. We will proudly wear our Starfleet finest (or more Earth-bound formal attire) and enjoy a gala worthy of our august Captain.

Q’s Costume Party
The pan-galactic prankster is back, and ready for more hijinks and horseplay. Q, who has appeared to us as everything from a Franciscan monk, an interstellar judge, a 16th century sea captain and an Aldebaran serpent, is the only choice to host this year’s costume party! Prepare your most elaborate, outrageous and imaginative outfit, as the competition shall be wilder than a Nausicaan on payday.

Risa’s Festival Of The Moon Party
After visiting our newest Pleasure Planet (and private port of call) Harvest Caye, we continue with the relaxed vibe in our summery apparel for the evening festivities. Under the star-filled sky, we’ll feast on a delicious Targ-B-Q, dance, drink and groove to Risan rhythms in the warm balmy weather. Keep your eyes peeled for a Horga'hn, too.

Holodeck to the Holo-Disco
The Norwegian Jade's Holodeck comes pre-loaded with one of the most outrageous programs imaginable: Sol 3 in the 1970s! Step through those doors and be transported to a world of platform shoes, bellbottom pants, big hair, as well as great quantities of sequins and glitter. But it's still the Star Trek Cruise's 1970s, so a fusion of space, sequins and Spock ears will be all the rage at the Star Trek Disco Inferno!

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