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Experience the Enterprise: IndieGoGo Fund Raising

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(I share only a portion of the info on the page below.  Go to the page to read the entire thing and make a donation if you wish to.)

For generations fans have seen Star Trek on television and film. They've watched as heroes battled on an epic and galactic scale; fighting for the Federation's very survival against such unrelenting foes as the Romulans, Klingons and the Borg. But that’s all they've done.
Audiences sat back in their living rooms or an overpriced seat at the movies and watched; with essentially nothing more than a view from a window. They were left wanting… yearning for something personal to experience the final frontier. Dreaming of walking onto the bridge and sitting in the big chair. With your help that very experience may come true!
Huston Huddleston’s New Starship Project want to bring the next generation to the very heart of Trekdom at this year’s Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. For the first time anywhere, all six pieces of the restored USS Enterprise-D bridge will be available to the fans. Put on your Starfleet best, sit in the Captains chair, and let yourself boldly go where you've always wanted to go before.
Live the final frontier... Experience the Enterprise!
We need your help to make it so. We are starting up an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money necessary to transport this piece of living history to the dealer floor of the Rio Hotel for the Official Las Vegas Convention on August 8-11, 2013.
We simply can’t do this without you. One of the great things that set Star Trek fans apart from other science fiction and fantasy lovers is their sense of community. We share, we love, we live, and we embolden ourselves to share our passion with those we care about or the random passerby on the street ‘cause everyone needs to be aware of this incredible franchise! THIS is your chance to share the living Star Trek experience with a few thousand family members.
If warm fuzzies and a sincere pat on the back for a job well done are not enough to keep your warp engines humming then thank "Q" for all that motivation Perkslisted over there on the right. For as little as $10 "Hailing Frequencies Open!" as we blast your name (if provided) across our websites, on live radio, and partnering podcasts. For gaming fans, team up with your favorite crew members of STOked Radio and Priority One podcasts to go On Screen! for an Elite Special Task Force run through the popular game Star Trek Online. For convention attendees, there’s even a chance to play from the bridge itself. The real meets the surreal for some Trek on Trek action… only in Las Vegas!
You Have the Conn! is one of the fan-favorite perks as you become our VIP for your very own photo-op in the big chair. Skip to the front of the line, hear your name praised as you set foot onto the iconic 1701-D bridge and slink down into the captain’s seat. We’re pretty sure we won’t need to remind you to smile for your picture. That’s right, the smiles are all free. Have a burning question to ask? Contributors to this level can record their question in person or over the internet.
If that’s not enough and you still wish to boldly go a little bit more we start making you famous. You’re important, you have things to say, fandom to express… and we are happy to help you get the word out. We offer on-air packages ranging from a guest spot on your favorite podcast in I’d Pay $60 for That! to a full hour appearance as a special guest DJ live on air in Bless You Scotty, Go Sulu! - Your playlists, your opinions, and your show!
Your security clearance has been upgraded to Captain. Command Codes Verified! for another Infected Conduit run through Star Trek Online. On this level gamers also get 50 Cryptic Master Keys or 5000 Zen (choose only one option). Additionally, you will receive a personalized isolinear chip courtesy of New Starship to commemorate the occasion. A picture of the isolinear chip can be viewed in the gallery section of the campaign.
For those truly dedicated to bringing the Enterprise experience to life, the entire transmission booth crew will take you and a guest out to dinner as part of your Admiral on the Bridge! contribution. Additionally, you will receive a beautiful, laser-etched bridge plaque straight from New Starship to commemorate the occasion. A picture of the wall plaque can be viewed in the gallery section of the campaign.

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